About Us

The French Broad Food Co-op is a grocery store that focuses more on people than profit. We do that by providing a living wage, supporting local farmers & producers and being community owned.  Ownership means you get to have a voice in how the co-op functions, what kinds of products are carried, the policies that govern the business and who is elected to uphold those policies.  This is a no-sellout scenario.  Our produce department is 100% organic and we boast the bulkiest bulk department in the SE, possibly the nation.  We have a basics program that keeps staple items affordably priced, and a diverse staff both part time and full time.  Everyone can shop, anyone can join.  You should become an owner today, because nowhere else will your dollars have a greater impact in the local economy.

The French Broad Food Co-op is about a lot of things, but first and foremost it’s about you. You own it! You shape it! You make it grow! We appreciate your commitment to us from the bottom of our hearts!

We are dedicated to serving our owners and the WNC community by providing high quality natural foods and personal care products through a mutually beneficial exchange.

  1. We support consumption of healthful and organic foods, grown or produced locally with ecological and social responsibility.
  2. We encourage informed choice and consumer empowerment, with and emphasis on education and customer assistance.
  3. We are committed to use profits to strengthen and improve the Co-op community and to provide a livable wage to our employees.
  4. We pledge to maintain a pleasant environment that fosters goodwill, cooperation and participation.

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