French Broad Food Co+Op



KALE Organic $1.99/bunch

CARROTS Organic 5lb. Bag $5.99/ea.

YELLOW ONIONS Organic 3lb. Bag $3.49/ea.


TOFU Organic $1.99/lb.

RICE Lundberg Organic Short Grain Bulk 1.99/lb.

COFFEE Organic Fair Trade Equal Exchange Bulk $8.99/lb. (selected varieties)

GROUND BEEF Hickory Nut Gap $7.49/lb.


BUTTER Cabot 1lb $4.49/ea.

YOGURT Seven Stars Organic Plain 32oz. $3.99/ea.

BREAD – Sami’s Bakery Millet Flax $5.49/ea., West End Bakery French Batard $4.39/ea.


OLIVE OIL Organic 1 liter $9.99/ea.

OLIVE OIL Natural 1 liter $8.99/ea.

WHITE PASTA Organic 16oz. – Angel Hair, Elbow, Fusilli, Linguine, Penne & Spaghetti – $1.79/ea.

BROWN RICE PASTA Organic 12oz. – Fusilli, Kids Pasta, & Spaghetti – $1.99/ea.

BROWN RICE & QUINOA PASTA Organic 12oz. – Fusilli & Spaghetti – $2.99/ea.

PASTA SAUCE Organic 26oz. – Italian Herb, Marinara, Roasted Garlic & Tomato Basil – $2.99/ea.

MACARONI & CHEESE Organic 6oz. – Mild Cheddar & White Cheddar – $1.69/ea.

BEANS Organic 15oz. Cans – Black, Garbanzo, Kidney & Pinto – $1.29/ea.

BAKED BEANS Organic 15oz. Cans – 2 for $3

REFRIED BEANS Organic 15oz. Cans – Black & Pinto – 2 for $3

CANNED VEGGIES Organic 15oz. – Sweet Peas, Cut Green Beans, Whole Kernel Corn – $1.69/ea.

CHICKEN BROTH & VEGETABLE BROTH Organic 32oz. – Regular & Low Sodium – $1.99/ea.

CEREAL Organic 12-14oz. – Golden Rice Crisps, Honey Nut O’s, Raisin Bran & Whole Wheat Squares – $2.99/ea.

CEREAL BARS Organic 6/1.3oz. – Crisp Apple, Tangy Mixed Berry & Sweet Strawberry – $2.99/ea.

APPLE JUICE Organic – ½ Gallon $5.49/ea., 1 Gallon $8.99/ea.

PEANUT BUTTER Salted & Unsalted Organic 18oz. – Smooth & Crunchy – $4.99/ea.

FRUIT SPREAD Organic 14oz. – Apricot, Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry – $3.39/ea.

CRACKERS – Organic Golden Round 8oz., Organic Toasted Wheat Squares 7oz., Organic Water 4.4oz. & Stoneground Wheat 8oz. – $2.69/ea.

CRACKERS Baked House 16oz. $3.49/ea.

PRETZELS Organic 8oz. – Rods & Sticks– $2.49/ea.

OLIVES Natural 6oz. Cans – Purple Pitted $1.99/ea., Green Pitted $2.39/ea.

SALAD DRESSING Organic 8oz. – Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian Vinaigrette, Green Goddess, Lemon Tahini, Ranch & Sesame Ginger – $2.79/ea.

SALSA Organic 16oz. – Mild, Medium, Black Bean & Corn, and Roasted Garlic – $2.99/ea.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Organic 32oz. $3.99/ea.

SEA SALT Natural – Coarse 24.7oz. & Fine 26.5oz. $1.99/ea.

MAPLE SYRUP Organic Grade B – 32oz. $19.99/ea. & 12oz. $9.99/ea.

All Country Life Vitamins and Supplements


DR. BRONNERS Organic Castile Soap 32oz. – Almond, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose & Tea Tree – $15.49


BATH TISSUE 100% Recycled – 4-Pack $1.99/ea., 12-Pack $6.99/ea.

PAPER TOWELS 100% Recycled Jumbo $1.49/roll

FACIAL TISSUE 100% Recycled 85ct $1.19/ea.

BABY WIPES 72ct Refill $2.99/ea.

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