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Everyone is Welcome to Shop
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Everyone is Welcome to Shop!
Owners get 5% off on the 5th
Come Inside or Use Curbside
Face Coverings Required
10 shoppers in at a time
Keep a 6ft social distance
 Gloves or sanitizing at the door

Hours: 8am to 6pm
90 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828)255-7650 | Contact

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21 Day Fall Cleanse

December 1, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Info  here:



Hey ya’ll! We’ve been getting such a positive response from our fall cleansers thus far that we decided to get another group going BETWEEN Thanksgiving and Christmas! Perfect time for a detox and reset. Please share with friends and family who may benefit from a gentle, detoxifying, grounding cleanse!

Join Sarah Fields L.Ac. and Eliza Volk LMBT for a 21-day detoxifying fall cleanse, rooted in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and high quality nutritional support.

The practice of cleansing (optimally twice a year) is a vital part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. It improves energy, strength and immunity, as well as a giving a renewed love of life. This cleanse serves to rest and purify the digestive system, while addressing the root cause of imbalance. The entire process works to draw toxins out of the tissues and into the digestive tract so that they can be eliminated, and simultaneously removes undigested byproducts to promote overall health and balance.

*21 Day Cleanse includes:
Intro class and consistent support
Grain-free Kitchari and Ayurvedic drink recipes
Acupuncture Session
Home Detox Kit (coffee enemas, castor oil packs, clay hand/feet soaks, epsom salts)
New Human Supplements (family owned, highest quality, local):
-Vital Greens, cleanse herbs, probiotics, anti-parasite herbs
Hydration Therapy – fermented B vitamins, mineral salts from around the world, polar minerals
Hot Yoga
A group of amazing, committed health warriors!

*You can use these practices and techniques over and over again! Cleanse cost = $289
*Payment plans available*

For 21 days we will eliminate sugar, dairy and grain and eat a grain-free kitchari. You can eat any other whole foods during the cleanse!

We will meet Sunday Dec 1 at 5:30 for a group food shopping trip at the French Broad Food Co-op in downtown Asheville, followed by an intro class in their community room, ending by 8pm. The cleanse will begin the day after (Mon Dec 2 – Dec 22).

***If you are not local to Asheville, we can set you up with a detox kit, instructions and guidance! Please contact us directly if you can not meet in person and would like to do the cleanse.

*Add-ons for optimal health and wellness:
Parasite testing and Rife machine treatment
Chi Nei Tsang – abdominal detox massage
ThaiVedic Lifestyle guidance for day-to-day dosha balancing
Detoxifying intuitive massage therapy
ThaiVedic Bodywork to balance Vata dosha
Kambo Frog Detox, see for more info

Who are your practitioners?

Sarah Fields is a graduate of Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, where she earned her clinical Master’s Degree in Acupuncture. She has over 3,000 hours of clinical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is additionionally trained in 5 element Acupuncture (psycho spiritual imbalances) with leader, Lonny Jarret. With a compassionate, simple and effective approach, Sarah treats insomnia, infertility, pain, and everything in between. She focuses heavily on detoxification programs for GI health, weight loss and optimal health. For more information: and

Eliza Volk is an intuitive healer, massage therapist, ThaiVedic bodyworker, and transformational movement teacher. She has traveled the globe and studied with world-renowned teachers, healers and elders, integrating these studies with her innate ability to heal others. Eliza is an advocate for the evolution of consciousness, serving as a guide to live in harmonious relationship with ourselves, the earth, and one another. She utilizes the body as the foundational tool for holistic health, serving as the doorway to connect with something much deeper. Under the guidance of health guru Kimmana Nichols, Eliza is one of the first teachers in the school of ThaiVedic, a global system of healing which unites holistic medicine and people worldwide. For more information: and


December 1, 2019
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm