French Broad Food Co+Op

Special Orders

Anyone can special order case quantities of any product our distributors carry. Orders can be placed through Customer Service either in person, by phone (828) 255-7650, or using the online form below.

Case Discounts

Members save 20% off the regular retail price. Sale item orders must be placed before the sale ends. Sale dates are posted in the sales fliers and on our website. The typical case amount for regular grocery products is 6 or 12 items. Items that don’t come by the case vary according to product. For example: Herbs and spices: 1 pound, Coffee: 5 to 10 pounds, Meat: 10 pounds, Oats: 50 pounds. Please stop by or call customer service at (828)255-7650 with any questions on case sizes.

Order Pick Up

Customer Service will call or email when your item comes in, and let you know the restocking date. It is important to pick up your order in a timely manner.

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