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Apothecary skills- The Herbal Kitchen

Apothecary skills: The Herbal Kitchen
For many of us, our first experience with herbs was in the kitchen. We did not always see them as medicine, but they absolutely are! In this class, we will learn how to incorporate more gerbs into our diets. From herbal seasoning blends to add to soups, salads, or sauces….to broths and teas…to sweet treats with nuts and dried fruits….there are numerous ways to increase the flavor, nutrition, and medicine of your everyday meals. Come play in the spices, learn a little history, and be inspired to include more herbs into your everyday. Take home a customized spice blend to enjoy and get your flavor on!


Apothecary skills- Bow Chica Wow Wow

Come learn to create sensual and heart nourishing treats for your Valentine’s Day celebration. We will focus on the wonderful Cacao in this class, making a Damiana & cacao infused love butter and a Chocolate rose love syrup. We will also discuss the foods and herbs that nourish both heart and loins.

All classes require pre-registration and will be located in the upstairs Movement and Learning Center above the Co-op. Melissa Fryar will be the instructor for these sessions. Any questions can be directed to A $10 donation per person is suggested, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Chickweed Pesto Recipe

With the warmer than normal weather we have had, my chickweed patch has been abundant! Chickweed loves to grow in the cooler seasons…it actually thrives fall through spring, disappearing in the heat of summer. This is part of chickweeds medicine too, it is cooling. One of my favorite hot rash allies, it makes a wonderful salve blended with comfrey, yarrow, or plantain. As an herb, chickweed is rich in minerals and vitamin c. It makes a lovely and delicate herbal vinegar to add to salads or greens. Chickweed is also useful in tea or tinctures for those with heat…infections, inflammation, fevers. She cools things right down.

My friend Lupo shared this pesto recipe many years ago. It has become a favorite wild nourishing food!

Chickweed Pesto

3 cups of chickweed
1 ½ cups walnuts1 cup parmesan (or feta)
2-5 cloves garlic
3 Tbsp. olive oil

Blend all ingredients, except olive oil in a blender or food processor. Slowly drizzle in chickweed until incorporated. You may have to stop processor and scrape down edges once or twice to get it all consistent. This is such a wonderful fresh tasting pesto. Excellent on bread, as a veggie dip, or on pasta or potatoes.

Enjoy, and remember to eat something wild everyday!

by Melissa Fryar

Apothecary Skills Class Update

A wonderful group of folks have been attending the monthly apothecary classes here at the co-op and so much has been made and shared. I thought I would share some recipes for those of you who were not able to attend. Enjoy!

Apothecary Skills Class – Creating Syrups

With a focus on immune support, this class will take you through creating your own various syrups to support health during cold and flu season. We will cover several wonderful plant allies that have immune supporting, anti viral, and anti bacterial properties and I will share some of my favorite home remedies. You will take home an Elderberry immune syrup for your home apothecary.
All classes require pre-registration and will be located in the upstairs Movement and Learning Center above the Co-op. Melissa Fryar will be the instructor for these sessions. Any questions can be directed to
A $10 donation per person is suggested, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


Black-Eyed “Peacadillo” Salad

Black-Eyed “Peacadillo” Salad

Total Time:  30 minutes; 15 minutes active

Servings: 6

This zingy bean salad makes a delicious accompaniment to bean and rice burgers, fried green tomatoes or cornbread.


  • 2 cups cooked black-eyed peas, drained
  • 1/2 cup green bell pepper, diced
  • 2 green onions, trimmed and thinly sliced
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced
  • 1 cup corn kernels, cooked
  • 1 medium tomato, diced
  • 1/4 cup pimiento-stuffed green olives, roughly chopped
  • 1/4 cup raisins
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
  • 3/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper


In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. Let stand for about 15 minutes before serving to allow the flavors to meld. Serve cold or at room temperature.

Serving Suggestion

Serve this zingy bean salad with vegetarian bean and rice burgersfried green tomatoes or cornbread studded with jalapeño peppers and cheese.

Nutritional Information

211 calories, 8 g. fat, 0 mg. cholesterol, 532 mg. sodium, 32 g. carbohydrate,2 g. fiber, 7 g. protein

Holiday Cheddar Cheese Ball

This festive holiday cheese spread is quick and simple to make and great for entertaining.

Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 2 large balls (20 servings)

1 pound cream cheese, softened
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1/4 cup Asiago cheese, grated
2 tablespoons red bell pepper, diced
2 tablespoons fresh chives, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
2 teaspoons garlic, minced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

In a food processor, blend cream cheese until slightly fluffy. Add cheddar, Asiago, and garlic, and pulse until lightly blended.
Scoop cheese mixture into a small bowl and add the bell pepper, chives, parsley, and salt and pepper. Mix well.
Refrigerate mixture until cold, then form into balls.
Roll in extra chives, parsley, or diced bell pepper and allow to come to room temperature before serving.
Nutritional Information
Calories: 105, Fat: 10 g, Cholesterol: 32 mg, Sodium: 124 mg, Carbohydrate: 1 g, Dietary Fiber: 0 g, Protein: 3 g

By: Co+op, stronger together

Great Immune Booster Recipes For You To Enjoy!

Anti-infection Tincture

2 parts Echinacea root tincture

2 parts Echinacea leaf and flower tincture

1 part ginger root tincture

1/2 part usnea tincture

1/2 part licorice root tincture

1 part Oregon grape root tincture

You can tincture this all together or separately. Excellent for hard to shake infections of all kinds and tasty!

Shared by the late and beloved Cascade Anderson Geller

Elderberry Wellness Syrup

1 cup elderberries (fresh or dried)

1/2 cup Echinacea root

2 Tbsp. Ginger root dried or 2-3 inch slice fresh

4 cups water

2 cups raw local honey

Place herbs in water and decoct for 30 minutes-1 hour, until reduced by half. Strain and add to the 2 cups elder tea, 2 cups of honey. Mix together well and add a splash of brandy if desired. Store in the fridge.

Fire Cider Zest

Illegal Medicine

1 good sized ginseng root

1/4 cup fresh grated ginger root

Cayenne to taste


apple cider vinegar

1/8 cup fresh garlic, minced

1/4 cup fresh grated horseradish root

*also consider: mushrooms, fresh turmeric root, hibiscus, orange slices, peppercorns, Echinacea, etc.

Place all herbs in a glass jar and pour in enough vinegar to completely cover. Let sit for 4 weeks. Strain and sweeten with honey to taste. Take a teaspoon daily or add to soups, salads, etc.

Flu Buster Tea

An old gypsy formula

1 part peppermint leaf

1 part elderflowers

1 part yarrow

Blend together and add 1 tsp. per cup of hot water. Infuse and enjoy!

Back to School Diffusions for the Family

Co-op Stronger Together
Co-op Stronger Together

Rosemary, peppermint and lemon – For motivating the student who doesn’t want to get out of summer mode and go back to school. This happy and energizing combo can wake up even the grumpiest summer gamer who got used to staying up into the wee hours and doesn’t want to get back on the school-routine clock.

Clary sage, rose and bergamot – For soothing a parent’s heart who is feeling sad about sending the kiddos off to school. Also a happiness booster for students who don’t want to give up their summer fun.

Bergamot, lavender and Roman chamomile – While this is more of an evening combo for bringing balance to anger and hot tempers (adolescence – lol), this can be a soothing diffusion to ease tempers and soothe emotions associated with the change that comes with back-to-school time. Great for volatile situations.