French Broad Food Co+Op

Month: October 2019

Winter Squash Guide

By: Co+op, stronger together With a dozen common varieties readily available, choosing a winter squash to prepare can be confounding for the home cook. We’ve compiled descriptions of common varieties as well as some handy tips for selecting the right squash for you and plenty of delicious squash recipes you’ll love. General selection tips Winter squash …

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Fire Cider is Free of Copyright Restrictions

The future of ‘fire cider’ is decided and the term is now legally determined to be free for all to use.   FIRE. CIDER. IS. GENERIC. The “Fire Cider 3”, Kathi Langelier of Herbal Revolution, (ME)  Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs (RI) and Nicole Telkes of Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, (TX) have had their day in court!!  The trial lasted 9 days and was …

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