French Broad Food Co+Op

2021 Virtual Annual Meeting



Let’s MEET atthe PARTY

Thurs., Oct. 28 | 6-7p.m.

FBFC Owners in good standing are invited to join us virtually for the 2021 Annual Party. Come dressed in your best costumes! There will be prizes.

  • Hear from Bobby Sullivan, FBFC General Manager and the Board of Directors about the state of the Coop.
  • Learn more about the expansion and what’s next for Asheville’s only Locally Owned Grocery Store.
  • Celebrate Local Vendors and Hear from Owners.
  • Hear from the 2021 Board of Candidates.
  • The Board is now accepting applications until Oct. 19. Please click here to apply.

Register here and attend the meeting to receive a FREE FBFC Goodie Bag (attendees can pick up at Coop by Nov. 30).

Need help? Leave your name and phone number at (828)419-0528 for a call-back. We hope to see you there.