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Healthy Eating

Summer Skin Care by Melissa Fryar

I sit here typing this during a lovely summer thunderstorm. One of my favorite summertime things. It cools everything off, waters the trees and plants, and pushes us inside for a glass of cold tea and a cool down from the days activities. Some of the not so favorite things of summer include: bug bites, …

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100% Organic Produce

The Produce Department of the French Broad Food Co-op offers exclusively organically grown produce. The vast majority of both our local and non-local produce is Certified Organic. If it’s not Certified Organic, you can be sure that it is organically grown — and that it was grown by a farm within 150 miles from FBFC …

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Working Herbs Into Your Diet

Working Herbs & Spices into Your Diet From the Herbal Kitchen Class with Melissa Fryar Adding herbs and spices to your daily meals is a wonderful way to increase nutrients in your diet and add wonder flavors. Several times a day we have the opportunity to incorporate more herbs into our diet to enhance health …

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Designing Your Own Vegetable Garden

Many gardeners like having a main vegetable garden area to concentrate their food production, but it doesn’t have to be all veggies. Feel free to include herbs, edible flowers, and fruits. When designing your own vegetable garden, it’s important to understand the basics. Choose a sunny location It’s critical to choose a sunny spot for …

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