French Broad Food Co+Op

Owner Specials

Upcoming Owner Sales

▪ May 14th, Community Appreciation Day
▪ May 20th, Owner’s Produce Day
▪ June 17th, Owner’s Meat and Cheese Sale
▪ July 22nd, Owner’s Bulk Sale
▪ Aug. 22nd, Owner’s Produce Sale
▪ Aug. 27th, Community Appreciation Day
▪ Sept. 17th, Owner’s Meat and Cheese Sale
▪ October 22nd, Owner’s Bulk Sale
▪ Nov. 12th, Owner’s Produce Sale
▪ Nov. 24th, Community Appreciation Day
▪ Dec. 22nd, Owner’s Meat and Cheese Sale

Everyone saves:

  • Coop Deals*
  • Coop Basics*
  • Quarterly Community Appreciation Days, 10% off your entire purchase*
  • Special Order in Case Quantity or Bulk, save 10% off
  • Health & Body Care Line Drives
  • Wine half cases (6) 5%, Wine Cases (12) 10%

Owner Only Savings:

all of the above, plus…
  • 5% off your purchase when you join or renew*
  • 5% off on the 5th of every month*
  • 20% off special orders in bulk or case quantity*
  • Everyday Owner Pricing on select items in all departments*
  • 10% off All Local items in Health & Body Care.*
  • Use your Go Local Card before 12noon or after 6pm for $5 off $75*
  • Look for the monthly orange Owner Deals tags for special savings.*
  • Quarterly 10% off days in sub-departments*
  • Rent the Movement & Learning center for $15/hr before 5pm, $25/hr after 5pm.*

* Savings at your coop: We do not combine discounts (i.e., in store coupons, discount days). We will use the greater discount. Discounts do not apply to ownership payments, gift cards, or MLC payments.