French Broad Food Co+Op

Why become an owner?

  • 20% off when you special order cases and bulk quantity goods
  • 10% off LOCAL products in our Health & Body Care department
  • 5% off your entire purchase on the 5th of every month (excluding sale items, beer & wine)
  • Everyday Owner Deals in every department
  • Leading your co-op & shaping our future by running & voting for the Board of Directors
  • Supporting your local food economy
  • All current owners that spend over $75 a week are entered to win a $100 bag full of co-op goodies!

Join over 2500 other owners who are committed to improving access to healthy, local foods & creating a more just, equitable food system.

Joining the co-op involves completing an application and making a payment toward the $250 equity share. This payment can be made in yearly installments of $25 over ten years. After that, an owner is fully vested in the co-op and no more yearly payments are required. Your equity payment is used to help keep the co-op viable (update equipment, make improvements, fix things, etc). If the co-op makes a profit during the business year, that profit is shared by the owners through a patronage rebate payment determined by the Board of Directors.

An owner/ownership can be an individual or a group of individuals that share a kitchen. Each ownership will have a primary name attached to the account and each ownership is allowed one vote in Board elections and bylaw updates. Individuals who want to serve on the Board must be listed as the primary name on the ownership. (An ownership account can have multiple names attached to it.)

It may take up to 3 business days to process your Ownership.

We will call you for your Ownership payment.