French Broad Food Co+Op

About the Board

French Broad Food Co-op is owned by more than 2000 Owners, governed by a Board of Directors, and operated by a paid staff. Owners have always been the backbone of the Co-op, supporting it financially and participating in governance. As a cooperative, we are committed to being responsive to our Owners and shoppers. This can best be accomplished when the Board reflects the wide diversity and interests of our Owners.

Board of Directors elections are held each year at the Annual Meeting & Party.

The Board has three primary duties.

  • To ensure sound management of the co-op
  • To act as trustees on behalf of the membership
  • To set long-range goals and plan for the future

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board of Directors focuses on four key areas:

  • Hiring and evaluating the CEO
  • Financial oversight
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Recruitment of replacement director

Owners are invited to join us at our monthly board meetings, which can be accessed without reservations through this Zoom link from 5:30-7:30PM on the third Thursday of every month. During the meetings, a period of 10 minutes is set aside for owners to speak directly to the Board. Please note that board members do not generally respond to the owner comment period, although the feedback is certainly taken into consideration. Thank you!

Meet the Board

Christa Joy Hamilton,


Profession/Passion: Natural Products Consultant is my work and  Photography is my passion
Lived in WNC since: 1995
Other towns you’ve lived in: Sisters & Portland OR, Los Angeles CA, Savannah GA
On BOD Since: 2019
Hobbies: Herbalist, Western Astrologer, Yoga practitioner
Favorite things to do in WNC: Hear live music, parkway hikes, and hang out with my community
Favorite item at the co-op: bulk herbs & the books section

Clare Schwartz


Profession/Passion: I manage a Garden Center & Homesteading Shop. I also own & produce Wounded Warrior Ointment. My passion is growing flowers & I hope to own a flower farm someday.
Lived in WNC since: 2000
Other towns you’ve lived in: born & raised in Alexandria VA, went to college in Wilmington NC
On BOD Since: 2023
Hobbies: hanging out at my house with my 2 dogs, boating on the lake, visiting the beach
Favorite things to do in WNC: I love going to Brevard to hike & Lake Santeetlah to boat & swim

Favorite item at the co-op: Which department? If I had to pick one…..the fantastic specialty cheese department. So yummy, all of it.


Laura Ann Edmonds



Adam Bowers

Profession/Passion: Fundraiser

Lived in WNC since: 2009
Other towns you’ve lived in: Durham, NC, and Boone, NC
On BOD since: 2017
Hobbies: Playing music (singing, guitar, banjo, piano), tuning pianos, and baking bread and pastries
Favorite things to do in WNC: Hiking, boating, camping, and reading
Favorite item at the co-op: Abraham Lincoln Beeswax Candle (no longer available)


Kylie Hulver

Profession/Passion: Teacher
Lived in WNC since: 2020
Other towns you’ve lived in: Cleveland, OH and Athens, OH
On BOD since: 2021
Hobbies: Playing ultimate frisbee, learning new skills, drawing, and making jewelry
Favorite things to do in WNC: Hiking, climbing, and hammocking in the sunshine
Favorite item at the co-op: Darë cheese

 Andrea Burkins


Profession/Passion: Mama/Farmer/Notary/Celebrant/Death Doula

Length of time in WNC: Multi-Gen & Asheville-Born
Other towns you’ve lived in: Never left Buncombe Co.
Length of time on the BOD: 1.5 years
Hobbies: Growing plants, flowers and babies, making art, music, working out and learning.
Favorite things to do in WNC: I love hiking, and miss hearing and dancing to local music.
Favorite item at the co-op: Vitamineral Green and everything in BULK
Dog or cat person (or other favorite pet): I love all animals


Nick Fury


Terra Marshall


Profession/Passion: Owner/Beauty Operator of Beauty Parade Salon in West Asheville NC
Passion: Cooking and baking from scratch and supporting locally owned business as much as possible.
Length of time in WNC: 25 years (yowza)
Other towns you’ve lived in: Chico Ca., Petersburg Alaska, Breckenridge CO., Wilmington NC, Mar Hill NC
Length of time on the BOD: 1.5 years
Hobbies: Baking from scratch, art, raising chickens
Favorite things to do in WNC: Spend time with my family, hike, ride my bike, walk
Favorite item at the co-op: Ellies cookies!
Dog or cat person (or other favorite pet): Cat, but I do have a super sweet doggy named Tilly, so both.

Kitty Love

Profession/Passion: Tattooer
Lived in WNC since: 1995
Other towns you’ve lived in: Baltimore, Tallahassee
On BOD since: April ’22
Hobbies: Writing, Crafting, Cooking
Favorite things to do in WNC: Forage for wild food and look at art
Favorite item at the co-op: Silvermoon Chocolate


Jerome Smith

Profession/Passion: I have been in the Natural Food industry for several years and currently own an online herb business.
Passion – Critical Thinking. Cultivating and training my mind to go inward in order to navigate the ever-changing external input we are subjected to in the modern world of information and technology.
Lived in WNC since: 2006
Other places lived: California, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, and India.
On the Board since: 2023
Favorite things to do in WNC: Enjoy nature.
Favorite item at the Co-op: No need to choose a favorite. I enjoy the overall experience.