French Broad Food Co+Op

Hours: 8am to 8pm
90 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801



The FBFC grocery department is stocked with everything you need to be healthy and happy! From soy cheese to locally-produced eggs, meats and cheeses to ethnic fare, you’re sure to find something delicious to take home.  We’ve got a wonderful wine selection, including organic and biodynamic varieties. We get fresh local breads delivered right to our store.  For special orders call the store at (828)255-7650.


picture of 100% organic produce, onions and potatoesThe Produce Department of the French Broad Food Co-op offers exclusively organically grown produce. The vast majority of both our local and non-local produce is Certified Organic. If it’snot Certified Organic, you can be sure that it is organically grown — and that it was grown by a farm within 150 miles from FBFC (most of the time much closer to home than that). In this way we encourage a way of growing food that uses no chemicals, of transporting food that covers less distance, and of eating and enjoying food that was grown by members of our local community.

When you shop the Produce Department at FBFC you are supporting a healthy body, a healthy local community and economy, and a healthy environment.

To contact our Produce Manager, email


FBFC boasts the largest selection of bulk herbs in the Southeast! We’ve got just about every bulk herb, tea, and spice that you could imagine. In addition to the herbs and spices, we have all fair trade coffees, grains, nuts and flours (including rice and flours for those who are on gluten-free diets).

Buying in bulk is one of the most economical ways to shop natural foods! It’s also one of the most Earth-friendly. You save money by not paying for packaging and that’s less cardboard and paper products used in the process. Get more information on our bulk department here.

Health & Body Care

We’ve got everything you need to keep you feeling great inside and out. We’ve got supplements from great companies like New Chapter and Solaray, products for aches and pains, and locally-made soaps, salves and tinctures. Our knowledgeable HBC staff can help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve also got books, neti pots, incense, soy candles and much more.

Visit our Health and Body care blog here.

Contact our HBC Manager at

Grab & Go

Pop by our Grab & Go section for lunch on the run or to take to our inside seating or outside patio area. We’ve got hot soup, an array of sandwiches and wraps, an organic salad bar, and much more!

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