French Broad Food Co+Op

Ways to Save

Owner Discounts*

Co-op owners can save 5% on their shopping trip the 5th of every month — a great opportunity to stock your pantry! 

Co-op Basics
Stretch your grocery budget! Co+op Basics offers you low prices on over 400 of the same staples and supplements every week. From kale, to beef, to kava and st. john’s wort, you’ll find low prices on some old favorites. These prices are for everyone, not just owners. 
SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks
The French Broad Co-op welcomes SNAP participants.

Double Up Food Bucks is a healthy food incentive program that doubles the value of federal nutrition benefits spent at The French Broad Food Coop, helping people buy healthy food while supporting our local farmers and economy.

When you buy fresh Fruits and Vegetables on your Snap/EBT card, you can earn a dollar for dollar match of up to $20 per day of in store credit! Once you have earned those credits, or “points” you can spend them on any fruits and vegetables (that do not contain additives like salt, sugar, fat or oil) throughout the whole store, including dried, canned, juiced or frozen!

Talk to a Coop Cashier to get signed up today!

Shop Bulk

We boast the largest selection of bulk herbs in the Southeast! We’ve got just about every bulk herb, tea, and spice that you could imagine. In addition to the herbs and spices, we have all fair trade coffees, grains, nuts and flours (including rice and flours for those who are on gluten-free diets). Buying in bulk is one of the most economical ways to shop natural foods! It’s also one of the most Earth-friendly. You save money by not paying for packaging and that’s less cardboard and paper products used in the process. We welcome you to bring your own containers: our cashiers can weight them up at the front before you fill them.

Better Food Value

Enjoy nutrition-packed, natural foods from French Broad Food Co-op and you’ll get the most food value for your dollar. You can also invest in your “food values” by choosing products that are organic, local, and fair trade — from a community-owned and operated store!

Stay Healthy

Better eating may help lower your health care costs in the long run!

* Savings at your coop: We do not combine discounts (i.e., in store coupons, discount days). We will use the greater discount. Discounts do not apply to ownership payments, gift cards, or MLC payments