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HBC News – Spring 2022

HBC Spring 2022 News

As I write this, the sun is shining and it is in the 70’s…in the early days of March. February always seems the hardest month. We are tired of the cold, we yearn for light and the easy freedom and beauty of spring and summer. We are sick of citrus and are dreaming of stone fruit season again and maybe time in the woods or garden. Well, we made it. These days as the mask mandates are shifting and it seems that the pandemic (dare we say it) is coming to a close, it seems fitting that it is closing in on spring. The daffodils, blood root, and trillium are blooming and it feels new and fresh. Two years of survival mode is hopefully coming to a close. As many of you may have noticed, we have been full on expanding and moving. As the new space has been filled with our check outs, we HBC gals have moved our department to the front windows where our registers were previously. It is never easy planning and moving an entire department, but we do love the new space. So much light and newness! We, of course, have many things left to accomplish, such as updating lighting and building a desk surround, but we are almost there. We are trying to take this opportunity to bring in new lines, move out some products that are not selling, and continue to bring you the best quality herbs, supplements, and bodycare products that we can find. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Thank you all for your patience during this move and please, don’t hesitate to ask if you are not seeing what you need. Now on to spring fun….

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite products with you. In the past year, we have brought in some terrific new products. WholeSun Wellness is a terrific line of mushrooms…fruiting bodies grown in the United states. Very hard to find in our experience. These are double extracted and we carry them in bulk, as well as packages. They have single mushrooms as well as blends. So many are discovering the benefits of mushrooms and we have expanded our offerings to meet that. Wild Kingdom Mushrooms is another line that we picked up. Based in Pennsylvania, they offer double extracted tinctures that are all wildcrafted, as well as pine pollen. We love these guys! Small company, excellent wildcrafting ethics, and affordable. In bodycare, we have expanded the Evan Healy line to include their sanctuary products. For every bottle sold, Evan Healy donates $1 to non profits that support human rights and environmental justice. Their Sanctuary Butter is my favorite skin care cream. It has really helped keep the dry skin that I have experienced during menopause soft and hydrated. I also love that not only am I supporting clean products…Evan Healy is one of the cleanest lines that I know of, containing no iffy ingredients, no preservatives or fake fragrances, no sulfates or glycerin…but every jar I purchase does good in the world. THAT is beauty!

More of my favorites:

  • Weleda Skin Butter- this is both smell good and wonderfully hydrating without feeling waxy or heavy
  • Health Force Truly Natural C- My favorite vitamin c, containing acerola, camu camu, and amla. Tasty and easy to add to smoothies or just water to boost your vitamin c.
  • Spicewalla Mexican Hot Cocoa- we still have enough cool evenings or mornings ahead to enjoy this deliciousness. I like mine with raw milk, but blend with any liquid of your choice.
  • New items from Anima Mundi- I have been excited about this line for over a year now. The owner is a Costa Rican born herbalist who makes and sources a variety of amazing products including Heirloom Cacoa, Super fruit Bliss Collagen Booster and a variety of adaptogenic powders and tinctures. Come check out this beautiful new line and if you are inspired, follow AnimaMundi on instagram for her beautiful posts and recipes.

In other departments, I must do a shout out to Dylan, our produce manager who has the coop well stocked with lots of seeds for your spring growing…including a new line with many medicinal herbs. In our grocery department, our manager Jim has constructed an entire local endcap near the freezer. Including locally roasted coffee, Asheville Tea Company, French Broad Chocolates, and local sorghum. If you want to support our local farmers and makers, this is a great place to start.

Happy Spring to you all and thanks for being part of the coop community!

Melissa HBC Manager