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Interview with Pure Fire’s David Rosenthal

Originally from Washington DC, David Rosenthal has spent his career in the food and beverage industries. In 2014 David was given the opportunity to be part of a retreat center in the Carolina mountains, and his journey in Asheville began. It was through this opportunity, living in a tiny home, and communing in nature at the base of a 100 year old Cedar tree that David began focusing on recipes that honor the food as medicine philosophy. Researching the healing properties of food ingredients became the inspiration that led to creating Pure Fire Foods and his Nourishing Fiery Food Tonics. David’s love of nature, his passion for food as medicine, and his understanding that the energy of love, positive intentions, and higher vibrational frequencies, all contribute to a balanced healthy lifestyle. From that foundation he has partnered to build a community of wellness minded people who understand the importance of a daily immune supporting tonic. These handcrafted healing ingredients come together to make the amazing varieties of PURE FIRE Fire Tonics-a true nutrient dense shot of wellness.
Melissa: How has the Free Fire Cider movement affected you and Pure Fire? I know from an herbalists and retailer perspective it seemed to introduce fire cider into the mainstream, whereas before it was only popular with the herbalist crowd.
David: The fire cider movement was great for the awareness of the product and what it is. It didn’t really affect us although at first I thought it would. When I know we could not use the term I decided on Fire Tonic, which honestly I think is a better fit for the version that we handcraft.
Melissa:What is your greatest challenge in running a small local company? I know I am always amazed at how small businesses plan for growth, source what they need, and stay profitable amid big business.
David: Our greatest challenge has been being bootstrapped since the beginning. What we have been able to accomplish with such a small investment has been such a blessing but we are ready for so much more with our brand.
Melissa:Is there any advice that you would give to budding local business folks?
David: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!! Very early on I had to use all of the profits of the company to be able to live as my job did not fulfill promises they made me financially. It was a very very rough time for me and a brand new company as I had wholesale accounts asking for products but no money to make more. People promised me money and never came through. I could have easily thrown in the towel but I made a promise to this medicine that day at the base of the 100 year old Cedar tree and never gave up.
Melissa: Are you planning on any new products to release this year?
David: We are very excited to be releasing (in a few weeks) a less spicy version called “COOLER”. It will not have our signature chocolate habeneros or cayenne peppers. We have had so many requests for a less spicy version and this medicine is too good not to give everyone a chance to enjoy it! It will also be sweetened with the same coconut nectar we use in our Nectar and Chocolate versions.
Melissa: What brings you joy? In business and in life?
David: Making this medicine and doing it from a place of intention, love, prayers, frequency, and vibration brings me the most joy. We were never just going to be a tonic in a bottle. Hearing all of the testimonials of how people have healed by using food as medicine and these incredible plants that have been gifted to us.
Melissa: How can folks get in touch with you  and support Pure Fire?
David: You can support us by visiting the French Broad Food Coop to purchase our tonics and telling every person you know how amazing these products are for boosting your immune system. If you have any questions please call me personally at (828)989-8000
Melissa: Anything else you would like to share with the co-op community?
David: Thank you so much for supporting us and our mission of food as medicine and healing people with Nature!!