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Open Daily 8am to 8pm
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Nathaniel “Nate” Crosby

Nathaniel Crosby, only 31 years young, died on April 15th, 2021. Nate’s passing was senseless and tragic.

Nate worked as a cashier at the French Broad Food Co-op for over two years and he was such a joy to be around it felt like a much longer period of time. Many of our staff members kept in touch with him as his life blossomed into fatherhood in such a dynamic and loving way. He was patient, interesting, and full of warmth and joy. He looked at life from the positive side and encouraged his peers to be hopeful and have faith. We were blessed to have him as part of the French Broad Food Co-op family and he has left us with eternally joyful memories of him. 

The French Broad Co-op asks everyone to celebrate his life, warm spirit, and uplifting nature. Nate was a true cooperater who will be profoundly missed.