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Produce Tag Back Program

We’re excited to tell you about a new sustainable practice we kicked off with our friends at Happy Dirt, the company that connects us with organic farmers who grow some of the beautiful organic produce you find in our produce section.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the tags and ties that hold your produce together?

Thanks to Bedford Industries TagBack® program, you can now join Happy Dirt and French Broad Co-op to help Bedford Industries collect and reuse produce tags and ties. Since the launch of the program in 2019, Bedford has been able to collect over 180,000 pounds of produce tags and ties with the help of retailers and customers! That’s not a small number.

How to join us in this initiative:

1. Collect your produce tags and ties. Look for the TagBack® logo. If there isn’t one on the tags or ties, it’s ok. Bedford will sort it all out. Save it anyway.
2. Drop the collected tags and ties at the TagBack® collection bin, located (insert the location of the bin in your store).
3. Return is on us! We will take care of sending all produce tags and ties back to Bedford where they will sort and recycle.

Collecting and returning produce tags and ties might seem like a small act, but it has a mighty impact on sustainability efforts. By taking small steps often, we can reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that goes into landfills and work to make our food system a happier place from the soil to the plate!

Still curious about the process? Click here to watch a short video from Bedford Industries about the Tag Back Program.