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Open Daily 8am to 8pm
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Full Circle Family Farm

Leon Birstein began carving Full Circle Family Farm out of the forested hillsides of the Black Mountains over 25yrs ago.  Completely off grid, run exclusively on solar and gravity fed spring water, the farm is now 10 acres of market gardens, small fields of sweet potatoes and corn, hoop houses of turmeric, creek side bamboo lined shiitake groves, and multiple family homes. What does Leon want you to know? This is a small  farm designed in concert with the landscape that can not be mechanically cultivated. Every plant and seed is both planted and harvested by hand. We still use digging forks here!  Leon is also fond of saying “I just spin the wheel” when referring to his careful cultivation of topsoil and the microbiota “herd” that make it happen.  That wheel spinning that gets the process going is a system of year round rotational cover crops and an epic compost pile that needs an excavator to turn it! FCFF is truly a product of the landscape and the differing ecological niches it provides. We work with the cycles of nature to create a thriving ecosystem that produces vital nutrient dense foods for your table.