French Broad Food Co+Op

Hours: 8am to 8pm
90 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

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The French Broad Food Co-op is a grocery store that focuses more on people than profit. We do that by supporting local farmers & producers and being community owned. Ownership means you get to have a voice in how the co-op functions, what kinds of products are carried, the policies that govern the business and who is elected to uphold those policies.  This is a no-sellout scenario.

Our produce department is 100% organic and we boast the bulkiest bulk department in the SE, possibly the nation.  We have a basics program that keeps staple items affordably priced, and a diverse staff both part time and full time.

We are dedicated to serving our owners and the WNC community by providing high quality natural foods and personal care products through a mutually beneficial exchange.

Everyone can shop, anyone can join.  You should become an owner today, because nowhere else will your dollars have a greater impact in the local economy.

We support consumption of healthful and organic foods, grown or produced locally with ecological and social responsibility.

  • We encourage informed choice and consumer empowerment, with and emphasis on education and customer assistance.
  • We are committed to use profits to strengthen and improve the Co-op community.
  • We pledge to maintain a pleasant environment that fosters goodwill, cooperation and participation.

Reasons to become an owner

1. To support a store committed to quality and ethics: The French Broad Food Co-op is a store owned by the people who shop here, so it just makes sense that we would try harder than anyone else around to satisfy your shopping needs in a courteous and conscientious way. You can be proud to shop with us!

2.  5% on the 5th: Owners save 5% on their purchases on the 5th of each month! Easy to remember, easy to save!

3. Owners-only Events and Deals: Our Owner Appreciation Days are held quarterly, with special discounts, entertainment, product demos, educational opportunities and more.

4. Democracy and Ownership: Enjoy a voice in Co-op governance; as an owner you have the right to vote, and run, for the Board of Directors. Have a say in how your store grows! Everyone makes a difference.

5. Worker Owner Program: This program offers owners the opportunity to get more involved in the life of our store, as well as to earn an additional 15% off of Co-op purchases.

6. The Scoop: Co-op owners are enthusiastically encouraged to write articles and letters for our monthly newsletter.

7. Special Discounts: Co-op owners receive 10 – 50% discount on our top selling products through “Owner-Only Specials”. Owners can also receive a 20% discount on full case special orders.

Joining the co-op involves completing an application and making a payment toward the $250 equity share. This payment can be made in yearly installments of $25 over ten years. After that, an owner is fully vested in the co-op and no more yearly payments are required. Your equity payment is used to help keep the co-op viable (update equipment, make improvements, fix things, etc). If the co-op makes a profit during the business year, that profit is shared by the owners through a patronage rebate payment determined by the Board of Directors.

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